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Perks of Being a Hairstylist

January 08, 2019
Perks of Being a Hairstylist

“It doesn’t feel like work to me.”

That’s how Jessica, a former student from Tiffin Academy of Hair Design, describes her job as a hairstylist. This simple statement speaks volumes to what everyday life is like in an industry that puts people first. We asked several graduates spanning the decades to talk about what it’s like being a hairstylist, and they responded with enthusiasm. (Hint: they love it!)


If you need space in your schedule–and face it, who doesn’t?–hairstyling is the perfect option. Whether you work in a salon or at home, you can arrange your hours and number of clients according to your phase of life. “I love being able to work part-time and still make that money!” says Mandy. “I get to adjust my schedule so I don't feel like I'm missing watching my boys grow up.”


There are people who like sitting behind a computer in a quiet cubicle. . .and then there are hairstylists! From chatting with coworkers to catching up on life with clients who return every few weeks for that familiar, expert touch, hairstylists have no shortage of fun, friendship, and memories.

It all starts with schools like Tiffin Academy, where students learn the ropes of professional hair design while expressing their personalities, from laughing while washing mannequin heads to making colored hairspray (in the 80s, of course), to practicing styles on one another. “Man oh man, the MEMORIES,” says Morgan, who stays in touch with fellow alumni from twenty years ago while enjoying her career today. There’s just something about being creative together, and helping clients feel beautiful, that brings people close.

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Changing Lives

The top perk of being a hairstylist? Making an impact. “My favorite part is making a difference in someone’s life,” says Shellie, now the Salon Manager at Bucyrus Famous Hair. “Whether it is making a difference in their hair or in their confidence. . .my clients drive me to love my job every single day!”

Shellie is not alone. Tammy says she loves “making clients feel special,” and Bobby adds that “making people feel good is rewarding. To know they love their haircut makes me happy.” According to Claire, “The absolute best feeling is the before and after. It’s life-changing for some people.”

How, exactly, can a haircut change a life? Or two lives, for that matter? TAHD graduate Suzanne sums it up remarkably well: “I noticed it on the floor back in my old TAHD days, and after 25 years, I still see it now. It's the feeling I get when I see my client walk out the door, compared to when they walked in. The confidence they exude, the smile on their face. It's a very rewarding profession for me, knowing that I've given them something special, that not only changes them on the outside, but on the inside as well. We use our talents for the good of helping others feel good. What can be any better than that?”

We couldn’t agree more.

Is hairstyling your dream job? Discover how you can begin your stylist career at Tiffin Academy of Hair Design today!

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