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  • How long is the course?

    The cosmetology course is 1500 hours of training. Our students who attend full-time will complete in approximately 50 weeks to complete. The managing manicuring course is 300 hour in length and takes approximately 9 weeks to complete.

  • How much time is spent in class?
    During the first 8 weeks of the cosmetology program, you spend all of your time in the classroom. During this time you are learning the basics and practicing on manikins. After that time you will spend 1 day per week in class and the rest of the time on the clinic floor practicing on our customers.
  • How difficult are the tests and classes?
    Our classes and tests are designed to promote success. If you attend class regularly as scheduled and pay attention during the class you will find that we give you all of the answers you will ever need for tests, both here and at State Board.
  • I struggled in high school. Will I be able to do this?
    We have found that with enough desire you can accomplish just about anything! We have had students with various levels of learning disabilities or students who struggled through high school that have been very successful in our programs. We spend a lot of time discussing and reviewing the information prior to testing so most people don't have too much trouble.
  • May I transfer from another school?
    We do accept transfer hours from other schools. All prospective students wishing to transfer hours to us will need to be tested first before we accept the hours. For more information call us and we can send you our full transfer policy.
  • May I start in day school and switch to night school?
    We only offer day classes. We have both full time and part time schedules.
  • Does your school offer financial aid?
    Yes, we are nationally accredited and offer federal financial aid to those students who qualify.
  • What if I need time off?
    All students are entitled to 1 leave of absence while they are here. It can never be for more than 90 calendar days and will only be granted for a documented medical reason.
  • What holidays are you closed?
    We close on the following holidays if they fall on a school day: New Years, July 4th , Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Who are the guests?
    Our guests are clients that come in from the general public to receive hair and nail services. We offer discounted prices so that you will have a lot of clients to practice your skills on while you are with us!
  • How do you help to prepare me for the business side of the beauty industry?
    Our classes are designed to help you understand the business aspect of this career. You will learn everything from creating a resume to doing payroll.
  • How many people graduate from your program?
    Our current graduation rate is 56.5%
  • How much money will I make once I graduate?
    The U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics published that most full-time cosmetologists earn approximately $35,000 per year.
  • Do you help me find a job when I finish?
    We cannot guarantee you a job but we can help you find a job if you need help looking. Most all of our students have a job lined up by the time they graduate.
  • Are books and equipment included?
    We have all of your books and supplies available for you here. You can opt to purchase them from us or you can go to an outside source on your own and purchase what you will need. If you choose to purchase your own, the items must be exactly like what we offer here.
  • What do you provide in the student kit?

    Other than the textbooks, the entire kit of supplies is included in the cost of the tuition. As the students progress through their training they will receive the supplies they need for the next level.
    1 Professional Carrying Case
    1 Electric Flat Iron
    1 Bottle Red Polish
    6 Regular Brushes
    1 Manicure Brush
    1 Electric Blow Dryer
    29 Assorted Combs
    2 Electric Marcel Irons
    12 Do-All Clamps
    1 Manicure Implement Set
    12 Sectioning Clamps
    3 Round Styling Brushes
    2 Styling Picks
    1 Rubber Backed Brush
    1 Box 100 Clippies
    1 De-Tangler Comb
    1 Box of 75 Roller Clips
    2 Shampoo Capes
    204 Rollers
    3 Vented Brushes
    1 Comb-out Cape
    1 Spray Water Bottle
    1 Protective Smock
    2 manikins
    12 Rubber Gloves
    manikin holder
    1 Hair color Applicator
    1 Hair color Brush
    thinning shears
    clippers and trimmers.

  • Do you provide housing?
    No, we do not.
  • What cutting system do you teach?
    We have developed our own cutting systems through the years and it works well for us. It is also very easy to learn!
  • When do I practice on a real person?
    Once a week during the first 8 weeks you will shampoo each other. About 6 weeks into your training you will bring in a friend or family member to do your first cut on. When you have completed the entire first 8 weeks you are available to start practicing on clients.
  • May we work on our family?
    ABSOLUTELY!! Once you are available to work on clients, we welcome your family and friends. They receive 25% off of their services. We want you to start building a clientele while you are here and what better way than with your family!
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